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Melasma, also known aschloasma faciei, is a common skin condition that results in an increase of brown pigmentation, known as melanin. While the cause of melasma is unknown, it is generally related to chronic sun-exposure and hormonal changes. While melasma can effect both genders and all races, women and those of Hispanic and Asian decent have been known to be more vulnerable to this skin condition.

While melasma itself is harmless, it can result in deep discolored patches on the face and have damaging effects on ones self-consciousness, consequently contributing to increased depression and anxiety.

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Typically, melasma develops in adulthood. Melasma appears as brown or gray-brown patches on the face, with extreme cases spreading throughout the entire face. Most commonly, melasma appears on the following areas:



Bridge of the nose

Upper Lip



Medical research has not yet proven a definite cause for melasma, however, studies show that certain factors trigger melasma and the overproduction of melanin:

Sun ExposureUV rays from the sun stimulate melanin production in the skin, thereby increasing the appearance of melasma. This is why melasma appears worse during the summer.
HormonesPregnant women often get melasma, which may be linked to changes in hormones. Chloasma is the term used for pregnant women with melasma.

CosmeticsSome skin care products may irritate the skin, thus worsening the appearance of melasma. Also, lack of proper use of premium medical grade sunscreen can heighten the risk of melasma or worsen preexisting conditions.


Genetic DispositionResulting from changes in family genes that are passed on throughout generations.


At NewDermaMed, we offer a variety of advanced FDA approved and medical grade laser therapies for the treatment of melasma. These include IPL Photo Rejuvenation, Micro Laser Peel, and Laser Genesis.

It is critical that your medical professional understands the underlying condition of your skin ailment before prescribing any treatments. Lack of knowledge and proper care can result in more intense conditions of melasma.
At NewDermaMed, our board certified medical professionals have the expertise to properly and effectively treat all skin types influenced by melasma. Contact NewDermaMed to book your complimentary consultation today and learn about your options toward achieving a beautiful, clear complexion.

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