Snoring can have a negative impact on our health and lifestyle and most importantly interrupting your beauty sleep!
“After the second treatment more than 80% of patients are reporting better than 50% improvement. Average improvement after one treatment session is 45% and after the second session 68%. (J. LAHA 2011, Vol. 1)”

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Snoring can be caused when the air from the nose and mouth cannot move freely due to the narrowing of the airways, which causes a vibration and sound. Contributing risk factors include:

why do we snore


NightLase® Treatment is an FDA-approved, non-invasive approach to increase and extend the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase treatment not only promotes a better slumber, it will decrease the effects of sleep apnea and amplitude of snoring.


Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder when an individual’s respiration pattern is interrupted during sleep. When breathing stops repeatedly during sleep, the brain and the rest of the body do not receive enough oxygen. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common condition that usually occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat intermittently relaxes during sleep and blocks the airway.


Laser energy utilizes non-ablative, superficial Er: YAG technology to heat the surrounding tissues of the airway, stimulating collagen and producing a tightening effect to keep the airway open. During collagen contraction, the back of the oral cavity produces more support for the uvular and soft palate of the throat where snoring originates. In result, With a well supported airway passage and increased oxygen intake, the sound of snoring and effects of sleep apnea are decreased.


Non- surgical, non-invasive
Increases the quality and extent of patient’s sleep
Decreases the effects of snoring and sleep anea
No downtime

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Laser Acne Full Face $300.00 $630.00
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Laser Acne Full Face

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