lip rejuvenation

What is lip rejuvenation?

Whether you want fuller lips or want to restore your lips, there are several options available with the lip rejuvenation procedure. At NewDermaMed our medical professionals make it their priority to understand the goals of the patient and appreciate the patient’s anatomy as it relates to their goal.

Lip Rejuvenation Patients and Goals

  • Those with a good shape and definition but who desire augmentation of certain features of their lips.
  • Those who have dry chapped lips and desire a natural moist sheen and feel.
  • Those that have atrophic lips and desire augmentation.
  • Those that have loss of lip definition and/or perioral rhytids.

The list of anatomical woes that people of all ages can have with their lips are uniquely diverse and will change from patient to patient. Luckily the lip rejuvenation procedure can be adjusted to perfectly fit your anatomy and your goals.

The most complex yet rewarding of lip rejuvenation procedures is the lip rejuvenation procedure done for patients in their 60’s and upward, who have lost lip definition and/or perioral rhytids. With age, even the most naturally plump lips thin out, lose fullness, and flatten out. (And it’s not just the lip that is affected.) When the upper lip loses its curve, it elongates and negatively impacts the smile by exposing the mandibular teeth. Barcode lines begin to appear across the radial lip. The lower lip becomes shorter than the upper lip while the lower lip and chin area lose height. For a complete lip rejuvenation at this stage, we may also include Botox Cosmetic. Botox is injected in the perioral area to prolong the durability of the filler and inhibit muscle contractions that make lips turn downward.

Only a medical professional that understands how to measure your profile, and that has mastered the many injection techniques will be able to achieve a subtle and natural result.

The five essential steps your medical professional should take to achieve the best cosmetic result:

  1. Consider anatomy and structure before injecting
  2. Use low to medium viscosity fillers like Juvederm Volbella
  3. Master the right injection techniques (there are many)
  4. Inject low volumes of filler at a time to avoid over-correction. (less is more)
  5. Follow up injections on a later date to evaluate if more filler is needed.

My advice: Have a proper consultation with the medical professional that will be doing your lip augmentation procedure. Make sure the medical professional has plenty of experience and spends time evaluating your profile! Keep in mind that when a lip augmentation is done right it will look natural and complement the rest of your features.

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